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Theological and Ecumenical Education

Theological and Ecumenical Education

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The present volume contents fourteen papers authored by six theologians active abroad and by eight active in Romania. Dietrich Werner formulated in his paper ten “discussion starters” for a Christian-centred mission and mandates for theological and ecumenical formation in Easter-European context. Nikolaus Asproulis presented a paper on a new theological model of theological education, focusing on the case of a recent published Orthodox Handbook for teaching ecumenism. Andreas Heiser contributed with a study in German entitled “Tell me with whom you cooperate and I tell you who you are.” It contents an excellent presentation on theological formation and cooperation using as starting point his experience as rector of the Theological college Ewersbach. In this capacity he extended tremendously the cooperation of this theological school belonging to a German free church with other theological schools in Germany and abroad. Johannes Reimer from the same German theological school deals in his paper with proper training for church planters. It discusses several formal and non-formal models of church planters training. He pleads for an integral model of such training. Christian Bouillon who teaches Practical Theology by the same school proposes a reflection on the conception regarding formation of personality in theological studies.

Internal and external mission of the Church

Internal and external mission of the Church

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For the second edition of the conference, which was held from June 20th to 21st, 2013, the sub-theme was “Internal and external Mission of the Church”. The title, deliberately formulated as a topical issue, allowed the referents to provide the most diverse approaches for this subject.

This volume contains sixteen papers presented at the second edition of the conference. The conference was attended by Archimandrite Jack Khalil, Professor of New Testament Exegesis at “St John of Damascus” Institute of Theology, University of Balamand – Lebanon, who presented a special introduction to this theme analyzing St Paul’s Case against Proselytism, and opening thus the debate over the legitimacy of the Christian mission.

The list of authors includes fifteen other contributors, including Metropolitan Geevarghese Coorilos, who describes the way of making mission in the Syrian Orthodox Church in India, and Andreas Heiser, who remembers the mission created by John Chrysostom for those pagans living in Phoenicia.

The specificity of Orthodoxy and Ecumenism today

The specificity of Orthodoxy and Ecumenism today

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This volume contains seventeen papers presented at the first edition of the conference, plus the Romanian translation of the last mission statements of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches (WCC). The conference was attended by the Director of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, Rev. PhD. Jooseop Keum, who presented a broad introduction to the document, which was published in this volume both in original English and in Romanian translation, in order to facilitate the widest possible access to it. The list of authors includes sixteen other contributors, including two from abroad. The referents were free to present their research either in English or in Romanian. In addition to the three foreign participants who submitted their papers in English, six Romanian participants chose to publish their studies in English. Regarding the thematic of the essays contained in this volume, it is diverse. Aside from the introduction to the missionary document “Together for Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Context. An Introduction to the New Mission Statement of the WCC” and the publication of its text in Romanian, two of the contributions published here deal with the Orthodox mission in modern times (contemporary dialogue and Orthodox mission; understanding Orthodox mission today), two about the Christ-centricity of the mission, two about the missionary-liturgical concept “Liturgy after Liturgy”, and two about Antioch, as Christian missionary center. Other essays deal with topics like: mission and ministry by Father Stăniloae, missiology in theological faculties from Romania, catechumenal dimension of mission, Christian mission spirituality, religious tolerance, the mission of the laity, Fr. Dimitry Dudko’ missionary profile, Church mission and internet. The mere listing of the topics approached might reveal both their diversity and cohesion existing between the various papers submitted.

A face misiune după modelul lui Hristos III

„A face misiune după modelul lui Hristos III: Parohia și mănăstirea – provocări și implicații duhovnicești și comunitare”

Sibiu, 28-30 mai 2015


JOI, 28.05.2015

18.00-23.00 Primirea invitaților

VINERI, 29.05.2015

7.30-09.00: Sfânta Liturghie

9.30: Deschiderea festivă:Pr. Prof. Dr. Aurel Pavel (decanul Facultății de Teologie Andrei Șaguna din Sibiu).

9.45-14.00 SESIUNEA I: moderatori Pr. Prof. Dr. Aurel Pavel si Pr. Lect. Dr. Cristian Sonea

9.45-10.05: Prof. Dr. Daniel Munteanu (Universitatea din Bamberg/Universitatea din Târgoviște), Misiunea și spiritualitatea ortodoxă în lumea contemporană.

10.05-10.25: Conf. Dr. Vasile Timiș (Universitatea din Cluj-Napoca), Predica – mijloc de formare a deprinderilor și atitudinilor religioase.

10.25-10.45: Pr. Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Istodor (Universitatea din Constanța), Parohia ortodoxă – element fundamental al misiunii interne a Bisericii.

10.45-11.10: Pr. Conf. Dr. David Pestroiu (Universitatea din București), Strengthening  Partnerships between Parishes and Schools – an Opportunity for Today’s Mission.

11.10-11.20: Pauză de cafea.

11.20-11.40: Pr. Lect. Dr. Vasilică Bârzu (Universitatea din Sibiu), Activitatea misionara (1872-1890) a Părintelui Arhimandrit Anatolie Tihai (1843-1893) în Japonia. Context social politic și semnificații misiologice.

11.40-12.00: Arhidiac. Conf. Dr. Gelu Călina (Universitatea din Craiova), Misiune, intenție misionară și renaștere în biserica locală.

12.00-12.20: Pr. Lect. Dr. Cristian Sonea (Universitatea din Cluj-Napoca), Împreună spre viață: Misiune și Evanghelism într-un context în schimbare. Noua declarație misionară a Consiliului Mondial al Bisericilor (CMB) și misiologia ortodoxă din România.

12.20-13.20: Discuţii.

13.30-15.00: Masa de prânz (Hotel Continental Forum).

SESIUNEA a II-a: moderatori Pr. Conf. Dr. David Pestroiu şi Conf. Dr. Vasile Timiș.

15.00-15.20: Pr. Lect. Dr. Nichifor Tănase (Universitatea din Reșița), Pnevmatologia raportată la dialectica dintre Mistic si Social. De la trimiterea și misiunea Duhului Sfânt la aspectul individual-comunitar al îndumnezeirii.

15.20-15.40: Pr. Conf. Dr. Nicolae Moșoiu (Universitatea din Sibiu), The Trinitarian koinonia  – source and paradigm for the parish life.

15.40-15.50: Pauză de cafea.

15.50-16.10: Pr. Prof. Dr. Aurel Pavel (Universitatea din Sibiu), O dublă spiritualitate, laică și monahală? Critica poziției păr. Alexander Schmemann, din perspectivă misionară.

16.10-16.30: Lect. Dr. Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai (Universitatea din Sibiu), Parohie exclusivă sau inclusivă? Perspective ortodoxe.

16.30-16.50: Pr. Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Petraru (Universitatea din Iași), Parohia și misiunea ei după Hristos. Exigențe misionare actuale.

16.50-17.00: Discuţii.

SÂMBĂTĂ, 30.05.2015

SESIUNEA A III-A: moderatori Pr. Conf. Dr. Darko Djogo și Prof. Dr. Ciprian Streza

9.00-9.30: Prof. Dr. Peter Ben-Smit (Universitatea din Utrecht) Titlu rezervat.

9.30-9.55: Pr. Prof. Dr. Valer Bel (Universitatea din Cluj-Napoca), Vocația misionară a teologiei academice.

9.55-10.25: Pr. Prof. Dr. Cristinel Ioja (Universitatea din Arad), Homo Cyberneticus. The Challenge to the Mission of the Church in Postmodernity.

10.25-10.40: Pr. Conf. Dr. Daniel Buda (Universitatea din Sibiu/WCC, Geneva), The role of the monastery in spiritual formation of Theodoret of Cyros.

10.40-11.00: Pauză de cafea.

11.00-11.35: Conf. Dr. Darko Djoko, (Universitatea din Sarajevo) Titlu rezervat.

12.35-13.10: Arhidiac. Prof. Dr. Fadi (Porphyrios) Georgi (Universitatea din Balamand), Spiritual Guidance between the parish and the monastery; The case of the Patriarchate of Antioch in the last three decades.

13.10-13.30: Conf. Dr. Daniela Preda (Universitatea din Sibiu), „Viețile animalelor”, perspective teologico-literare.

13.30-14.00: Discuții.

14.00-15.00: Masa de prânz (Cantina Facultății).

SESIUNEA a IV-a: moderatori Pr. Prof. Dr. Valer Bel și Pr. Conf. Dr. Daniel Buda

15.00-15.30: Prof. Dr. Andreas Heiser (Theologische Hochschule Ewersbach), Titlu rezervat.

15.30-16.00: Pr. Conf. Dr. Nicolae Răzvan Stan (Universitatea din Craiova), Misiunea duhovnicească a parohiei raportată la prezența și lucrarea lui Hristos în Biserică și în lume.

16.00-16.30: Lect. Dr. Daniel Lemeni (Universitatea din Timișoara), “Fiți următori ai mei, precum și eu sunt al lui Hristos”: paternitatea harismatică la avva Antonie.

16.30-17.00: Prof. Dr. Ciprian Streza (Universitatea din Sibiu), Existenţa umană în lumea post modernă între “Believing without belonging” şi “Belonging without beliving”. Spre un nou tip de misiune în Biserică?

17.00-17.30: Discuții finale.