Conferinta Internationala inter-ortodoxa

International inter-orthodox Conference – 2010

“The ecumenical movement in theological education and in the life of Orthodox Churches”

Sibiu, Romania, 9-12 November 2010

World Council of Churches (Church and Ecumenical Relations – Relationships with Orthodox member Churches) in partnership with the Romanian Archdiocese of Sibiu and the Orthodox Theological Faculty “Andrei Şaguna” Sibiu organize in Sibiu, Romania, between 9-12 November 2010 a conference on “The ecumenical movement in theological education and in the life of Orthodox Churches”.
About 25 participants from all Orthodox (Oriental and Eastern) member Churches of the WCC.
Member Churches will discuss about
(1) How ecumenical studies are taught in different Orthodox Churches?
(2) The future of ecumenical studies and the ecumenical engagement in Orthodox Churches.

The conference scopes are:

– to discuss how ecumenical studies are taught and shared at different levels within the Orthodox Churches, either in theological institutions or through other channels such as conferences, church media, pastoral courses etc;
– to observe the evolution of ecumenical studies as study discipline in the orthodox theological education;
– to reflect on other ways of sharing the results of ecumenical work at the different levels of the Church;
– to begin developing a common concept of Ecumenical studies for the orthodox theological institutions;
– to strengthen relationships between theological institutions and professors from all Orthodox Churches;
– to offer the possibility of sharing and experiencing the ecumenical realities in different Orthodox Churches.

The conference will try to reach its goals by:

– offering key papers that reflect on the points mentioned above;
– inviting the representative of every Orthodox Church to make a short description of the situation of Ecumenical studies in the theological institution(s) of the Churches he/she represents;
– organizing working groups in order to reflect on the issues that have been discussed;
– offering the possibility to worship together with the local Orthodox Church, organizing visits to its significant locations, facilitating contacts with the students and local clergy.